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Tag After School APK is a career-based gaming platform. After School Tag APK is the latest version of the classic childhood tag game, this game has a complete package of fun and challenges that brings back childhood memories.
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Tag After School APK

Tag After School APK is a career-based gaming platform. After School Tag APK is the latest version of the classic childhood tag game, this game has a complete package of fun and challenges that brings back childhood memories. This game is about chasing friends and tagging them. Tag After School APK lets you virtually work on your life goals and experience. Your strategy will shape your career path. But the decisions we make tell us how close or how far. We can make our life extraordinary if we use common sense and start thinking effectively.

Japanese developers develop this game. This platform gives you a free hand to make your life decisions. Overall, Tag After School APK is a great option for those looking for an interesting and engaging game to play on their device. Its interesting and unique features make it stand out in video games.

Tag After School Mod APK

This Mod game is based on the story of Shota-kun, so the story’s direction will depend on your choices and decisions. The game has a unique storyline and also supports multiplayer mode. Furthermore, the game has attractive visuals and colorful graphics that add another layer of immersion. Players can unlock new features as they progress through the game. Players enjoy playing solo games or with friends. This game has something to provide you.

Tag After School apk latest version

The game has exciting content and awesome visuals that will give you chills all over your body. Explore different areas of a shocking, haunted school.

Tag After School apk play online

Go check out the school. Find and collect useful items like torches, cells, and things that will guide you when to go and when to stop. The game is story-driven, and players have to make the right decisions because their decisions will affect the game’s progress.


Players have to find the key to escape the haunted school. But just finding the key isn’t enough; you have to hide to avoid encountering any of the female ghosts constantly. The key is to sprint from corner to corner, tread gently, and be smart enough to find the safest hiding place. Therefore you slowly go through the rooms. Find a way to find the damn key without a ghost in the middle.

If a game isn’t hard, we don’t call it a game. No matter how hidden, there will come a time when you will encounter one of these crazy ghosts.


Action and fight

Some parts of the game involve strong-armed action, such as fighting against female enemies.

Multiplayer Mode

This game supports multiplayer functionality, allowing players to compete online with enemies, friends, or other players.


The app includes leaderboards that show the players with the highest score. This encourages friendly competition between players and a sense of achievement for those who excel in the game.

Childhood memories

Tag Off School app is an exciting game that allows players to relive their childhood by allowing them to play tag games on their Android devices.

Many obstacles

It would help to be careful because many obstacles and enemies await you. Players must avoid all obstacles and enemies to avoid unwanted problems.


Users can collect power-ups scattered throughout the game environment. These power-ups provide temporary boosts such as increased speed and invincibility.

Graphic in Tag After School

In Tag After School, the graphics are vibrant and lively, designed to capture the energy and excitement of the game. The game environment is usually set in a colorful outdoor space like a playground. Animations are fluid and dynamic, rendering the running, dodging, and tagging actions with gusto.


This app allows players to express their individuality and create a distinct identity within the game. After School Tag is an awesome game that puts you in Shota-Kun’s shoes. As Shota-kun, you are a shy boy bullied by his friends. One day after school, a girl from her school challenges her to spend the night in an abandoned building.

Simple controls

Also, the game has simple controls that make it easy for everyone to play. Players can play it with their fingers, and no complicated systems are involved.

Explore the haunted school.

The school is huge, and you can explore it all. Go to various rooms and check all areas for valuable items like flashlights and batteries.


  • A kind of story to enjoy horror with mischief
  • High-quality 2D pixel game
  • Save your progress regularly so you keep track of your game progress and can continue with it.
  • Use your surroundings to your advantage. Use them to hide and find things.
  • Be quick to make the right decision. Don’t delay!
  • Try exploring all areas to find more useful items.
  • Keep an eye on your health bar. This is very important.

What’s New?

The 2023 edition of Tag After School APK offers improvements and new features, creating an engaging gaming environment for users of all ages. The latest updates in this game are:

  • Constant updates and bug resolutions
  • Fresh characters and exciting game modes
  • Improved graphics and lifelike animations
  • Smooth user interface
  • Expanded inventory of in-game items and power-ups
  • Easy to learn and get started for brand new players.
  • Unlock everything Unlimited Money
  • Naughty Specter Girls
  • Everyone’s bug fix.
  • New level and stage.
  • No annoying ads.

Tag After School APK Download

In Tag After School, you play as one of several characters willing to tag each other. The gameplay is simple yet challenging, and you can play against friends or strangers online. Follow these steps are:

  • Click the Download Tag After School APK button.
  • Allow third-party sources in your device.
  • Find this game in the file manager.
  • Install the latest version of Tag After School APK.
  • Open the amazing app and enjoy the features.


Is it Safe to use Tag After School APK?

Of course, the game is safe to play. It is completely safe and convenient for you at any time.

Is Tag After School used on Android devices?

Players can play the game on all Android devices.

Can I run Tag After School in offline mode?

Players find different fun game modes in Tag After School, including online battles, single-player missions, and time attacks.


With its dynamic graphics, various game modes, and engaging features are available in this game. The game gives a fun and immersive experience. Automatic controls, clear objectives, and smooth gameplay ensure players can easily jump into the action and participate completely. Customization options, multiplayer functionality, and achievements add depth and replay value, encouraging players to keep playing. A unique feature of Tag After School is its cartoonish graphics. The characters are expressive, colorful, and fun to see as they tag each other around the map.

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How to install Tag After School APK 2.1 Download the latest version 2024 APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Tag After School APK 2.1 Download the latest version 2024 APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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